It’s Black Friday

Thanksgiving has passed. We had a pretty good day. WVU killed Pitt last night 45-13. Of the Haggerty/Boyer crew only Doug, Treah, Christopher, and I made it to the game. It was to cold for everyone else. It was about 16 degrees, but after wind chill it felt like 0. Here’s a good pic of the field staff getting ready for the game.
Plowing the Field

The game last night was a night that would go down in Mountaineer history. WVU retired their first jersey in the history of the school. It was #75 for Sam Huff. Also Pat White ran for 220 yards breaking the single game record for the most rushing yards by a quarterback in the Big East. This record had previously been held by Mike Vick at 210 yards. He also broke the school record, 206 yards set by Ted Anderson in 1953.

On a sad not for WVU football, I keep hearing rumors that Jason Gwaltney is done. Supposedly he has cleaned out his locker and will no longer be enrolled at WVU following this semester. He has not been going to class and has been skipping rehab sessions and practices. The coaching staff is waiting until after the bowl game to make any announcements. Luckily we have a talented back field with out him, Steve Slaton, Owen Schmitt, Pernell Williams, and Jason Colson.

We sent the girls out shopping today. We’re staying home and avoiding the crowds. Dinner tonight will be at the Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh. We’re all headed to the WVU vs. LSU basketball game tomorrow. Jerry West is having his jersey retired. I hear rumors that he’ll be at the game.

One more thing. If you ever get sick of automated phone systems, check out this “IVR Cheat Sheet.” This guy has a list of popular automated phone systems and short cuts you can do to actually get connected to a human.

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