Glad I don’t work here


This company in Cincinnati is requiring employees that need access to there data center to have an RFID chip injected into there bicep. I hope this doesn’t become a widespread practice. I think if WVU ever started this I’d be looking for a new job. I don’t mind having to carry a card with an RFID chip on it, but having one implanted in me takes it to far. If I were to ever leave the company I could just give them the card back, but this chip in my arm would be with me forever.


New Web Host

Well I did it. I’ve been telling support for months that if things didn’t change that I was moving to a new host. They didn’t seem to believe me. So tonight I signed on with some one new. My current host has been nothing but trouble since I registered. The constant outages, high loads, and unannounced system changes pushed me over the edge.

I still have a couple of months left on my contract with my current host. So I am going to try and get all of my content migrated before I change the DNS entries for thehaggertys.net. Regardless, there might be some time where my pages won’t load while the DNS changes make there way out to everyone on the web.

My new host gave me a free domain name. So I registered www.treah.com for my wife. It was the deal maker. She didn’t want me to spend the money until I told her she’d have her own domain name. So I’ll be migrating her blog over to it.

I’d just like to close with a strong word of warning for anyone who is considering using Web Hosting Buzz as a web host. The prices are cheap, but you get what you pay for. Stay away!

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