Coke and CBS Sports Commercial

Here’s a commercial that coke and CBS sports shot featuring two WVU fans (Nick and John). The cool thing is that I know these guys. They come to our tailgate every once in a while during football season. They are pretty good friends with some of my other friends. They definitely are the 2 biggest WVU fans that I know. John said that CBS contacted the WVU ticket office wanting to know 2 people that would be good for the commercial. The ticket office told CBS about them. Pretty cool.

Bye Bye Wrangler

Treah’s Jeep Wrangler had been having some electrical problems and just wasn’t running that great in general. Since we recently paid off the loan on my Jeep Liberty we decided that it was time to get rid of her Wrangler before it got any worse.

So last Thursday we decided it was time to start thinking of getting something else. We decided that we wanted a smaller car that got good gas mileage. We also wanted something that would be under warranty for as long as we had it. Treah will be done with school and residency in about 4 years from now. Our financial situation will be drastically different then. So we really only wanted something that would last 4 or 5 years. We thought that since we already have my jeep with high clearance and 4 wheel drive, that in bad weather we could car pool.

We got online and looked at what Ford, Mazda, and Chevy were offering. They all only offered 3 year/36,000 mile warranties. I didn’t want another Chrysler, dodge, or jeep as they have a real problem with gas mileage. We ended up looking at Hyundai. They offered a 5 year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, and a 10 year/100,000 power train warranty.

So we went up to the Hyundai dealer. We weren’t going to buy one that night so we took my jeep. We ended up test driving a 2006 Hyundai Elantra. One thing lead to another and we were inside talking numbers. They offered us a great trade in price on the wrangler with out seeing it. We made a deal with the dealer that we would bring in the wrangler Friday afternoon around 5:00. He even let us keep the car over night.

We got home and realized that the soft top and the title were both in Beckley with Doug and Susan. We decided that we would meet them in Flatwoods, WV on Saturday morning. Flatwoods is about 1/2 way between Morgantown and Beckley.

I left work 2 hours early on Friday to come home and finish getting things ready with the wrangler . Treah was supposed to be on call at the hospital on Friday until after the dealer was closed. The deal we had done with the dealer was that I was going to go in and sign all of the paper work that I could on Friday, then Saturday Treah would come in and finish signing her forms. Luckily, her senior resident let her out at 4:00.

We went up to the dealer to sign the papers on our loan and all of that. Also, Treah decided that she wanted the car in Navy Blue in stead of silver. After an hour or so of going back and forth with the business manager over our loan we were the owners of a 2006 Hyundai Elantra.

Treah took some pictures and posted them over on our gallery. Here’s a link to the album:

5 Cent Post

There is an article today in Reuters about how much the month of March costs employers. A research company claims that about $3,800,000,000 is lost because of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. They claim that productivity is lost because of employees watching, listening, talking, and/or reading about or to the games.

Let’s break that $3.8 billion number down a bit. There are 18 days in this year’s tournament (March 16-April 3), 8 hours in a typical workday, and 60 minutes in each hour. The number of US citizens between the age of 15 and 64 is roughly 198,141,869 (via CIA World Fact Book), and the current unemployment rate is 5.1% (also via CIA World Fact Book).

$3,800,000,000 / 18 = $211,111,111 per day
$211,111,111 / 8 = $26,388,888 per hour
$26,388,888 / 60 = $439,814 per minute

198,141,869 * 5.1% = 10,105,235 unemployed people
198,141,869 - 10,105,235 = 188,036,634 employed people in the US

$439,814 / 188,036,634 = $0.00233898039 lost per minute per working employee in the US

I’ve spent about 20 minutes writing this post and researching my numbers, and I am at work. So I guess I just wasted $0.04677960785. I hope you guys like this 5 cent blog entry.

Here’s a link to the article:

‘No work please,’ it’s basketball time

Taller in person

I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods tonight and met Mike Gansey and Patrick Beilein. They look taller in person than they do on TV, or even at the Coliseum. They are both listed as being 6’4″, I am 6’2″ and they seemed much taller than I am.

Anyway, I know you’re asking your self. What constitutes meeting some one? Well in this case it meant me saying, “Treah! Look! It’s Mike and Patrick!”. Then Treah laughed at me and made fun of me for a while. She thought I was only going to look at things to get closer to them. I wasn’t. Then when it came time to leave they were by the doors. I said hey to the 2 of them and told them they had a great game Sunday and congratulated them on the season. They both said “Thanks.” Mike said, “You know, we really couldn’t have done it with out that guy sitting in section 12, row M, seat 6.” I was surprised he knew my exact seat. OK so I made that last part up. But they did say hey and thanked me for my comments.

Now if that isn’t considered meeting two semi-famous, soon to be pro basketball players (Patrick in Europe and Mike in the NBA), I don’t know what is.

Sweet 16!

WVU is headed to the Sweet 16. We play Texas next. We lost to them by 1 point earlier this season when they were ranked 2nd in the nation. We really beat our self in that game. We had 2 chances to win the game, but missed 3 free throws in a row to end the game. We’ve got a chip on our shoulder and have something to prove, I think we play better that way.

Here’s a clip I downloaded off of my Tivo from today’s game. Nichols hits a 3 pointer from behind the 1/2 court line to end the first half.

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