Let’s Outsource Bush

NY Times, March 3, 2006

“People do lose jobs as a result of globalization, and it’s painful for those who lose jobs,” Mr. Bush said at meeting with young entrepreneurs at Hyderabad’s Indian School of Business, one of the premier schools of its kind in India. Nonetheless, the president said, “globalization provides great opportunities.”

Mr. Bush strongly defended the outsourcing of American jobs to India as the reality of a global economy, and said that the United States should instead focus on India as a vital new market for American goods.

Now I understand that it is hard for a man who has never had to work a real job a day of his life to sympathize with some one that has to, but come on Bush. Your approval ratings are at 34%, the lowest of any president in at least 25 years. Do you really think a trip and comments like this are going to help you?

Who are you to provide ANY advice on business? Everything you have ran, has been ran into the ground, including America. Our national debt went from having a surplus to having a record high debt level. I sure hope China doesn’t want any of it’s money back in the next 100 years. Great Job!

If president Bush, and presumably the rest of his administration, support outsourcing of jobs, why is it that when a federal employee calls for tech support and a call center in India answers the phone, they can say, “I’m a US Federal Employee.” The support center then has to transfer them to an American call center. If it’s not good enough for you and your employees, then it’s not good enough for the rest of us. Practice what you preach Bushy!

So here is what I propose, George. If outsourcing jobs is so great for America, lets outsource your job. They can’t do any worse. In fact I bet your approval ratings will go up. In the end it might restore the people’s faith in the GOP.

I seem to remember in the 2004 campaign Bush talking about having less outsourcing, and providing a level playing field for Americans. Oh wait, that was Kerry. Great job America. Let’s elect another person who puts America’s interests above his own in 2008.

March 2006
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