Credit Card Problems

I don’t want to make anyone nervous with my title. Just to make it clear up front I’m not in any kind of financial problems. My credit cards all have a $0 balance.

Anyway, on to my story. In the last week 3 people I know have had problems with potential credit card theft.

One of them definitely had there card number stolen. A $4,000 charge was put on his card. Luckily the bank noticed it and let him know. They’re not holding him responsible for the charge. Two of them I believe only got precautionary notices that there is a chance that there cards could have been stolen because they were found in a database on an FBI seized computer.

Now, I come home from work on Friday and have a letter from the bank. In the letter it says that my check card number has been stolen. They are sending me a new one. I believe this is the same thing that happened with my two other friends. No weird charges are showing up on any of my accounts.

None of our banks are telling us where the numbers were taken from. I did see a news story this week that some numbers were stolen from Office Max. We do have an Office Max in my town and I have shopped there with my card. Who knows, maybe that’s where it’s from.

It is kind of strange that in 5 days, 4 people (including myself) have had there credit card numbers stolen. So if you’ve been to an Office Max check your statements and contact your banks.

*** UPDATE***

I hear that in addition to Office Max, Staples and Best Buy customers were also effected.

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