Finals Week XVIII

It’s that time of year every college student hates. It’s finals week. I’m dubbing this one Finals Week XVIII, as it is my 18th finals week I have gone through at WVU. I think this is my hardest one since being a graduate student. I wouldn’t say that the work is that hard, just the volume of work is a lot. I had a research paper due Friday, a final due Monday, and another final due Wednesday. I’m only registered in 2 classes. Yes, that makes 1 class giving me a final project and a final in less than a week. Great planning on the professor’s part. I think that also puts him in violation of WVU’s dead week policy.

Assuming all goes well this week, I’ll only have 3 credits left to take in the summer and I’ll be done. It will be the first time I will only be enrolled in 1 class. Even in the summer sessions I took 2 classes at a time.

Actually, I’m wrong about that. I just remembered that in the summer between my Junior and Senior years of high school I took an economics course. This was to catch up from moving from into a new school district between my Freshman and Sophomore years. If I remember right I could have taken the course my senior year but I wouldn’t have been able to have taken senior study hall. Senior study hall was an important thing at Spartanburg High School, so I wasn’t going to miss that. Just imagine a room with couches, TV’s, a ping pong table, a laminated hall pass that gave you free reign of the school, and best of all NO teacher supervision.

So this will be my first time, other than that time, that I’ll have only been enrolled in 1 course.

I’ll be glad when Wednesday evening rolls around. Things will definitely get easier, and after August the Internet can be happy that there won’t be anymore posts with me complaining about school.

Bush at his finest

Funny Pics

I was searching through the web for pics of WVU and these were the two best that I found. I just had to share them with the world.



No NC State for Beilein

Ever since WVU made it to the elite 8 last season, every college basketball coaching position opened has had John Beilein’s name on it. Coach has always avoided any questions about any possible moves. I was never that worried until today.

Today it was announced that he was the leading candidate for the head coaching position at NC State. As usual he refused to comment on it. Every news story about it said it was a sure thing, and that there was nothing that WVU could do. Then this afternoon the 2nd candidate withdrew his name from the running. Needless to say I was starting to come to terms that WVU was losing there coach.

This totally ruined my day. I have been moping around all day.

I decided to tune in to the WV State Wide Sportsline radio show. This show is basically a weekly radio show about WV sports. Coach Rod and Coach Beilein are regulars on this show. I didn’t think he would be on tonight, but thought I’d at least hear what everyone thought about the situation. About 20 minutes into the show they received an official statement from Coach Beilein. He’s NOT going anywhere! Here’s a link to the statement:

I’m glad he’s staying, at least for next season. I hope he decides to finish his career here at WVU.

MU = Manchin University?

So by now most people already know the story about Governor Manchin forcing WVU into a 7 year deal to play Marshall University in football. Governor Manchin is a WVU alumnus, but you’ve got to wonder where his loyalties lie. The deal definitely isn’t good for WVU.

Over the weekend I saw this picture of him sporting Marshall green and a MU lapel pin:

It hit me the after seeing the picture. Governor Manchin must think MU stands for Manchin University. I just can’t wait until it becomes WVU Huntington Campus or Huntington Community College, take your pick.

Yes that is Matthew McConaughey with him. He decided to ruin his career by taking a role in the upcoming blockbuster flop “We are Marshall.”

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