Sun Day on Wednesday

Yesterday I went down to Bridgeport, WV for a Sun Microsystems event. They went over Solaris 10, SunRays, and the new x86/x64 line of machines as well as other stuff. It was a pretty fun day. I can’t say that I learned much as most of the stuff they went over I already use, but it was nice to get out of the office for a day. The best part of the day was at the very end. They had a door prize for 2 tickets to any 2 WVU football games for this up coming season. When they picked the name they said Justin. I thought to myself that It couldn’t be me and decided I wouldn’t stand up until they announced the person’s last name. Low and behold the name was Justin Haggerty. I won!

Sun has been pretty good to me over the last couple of weeks. They have given me 2 free t-shirts at WVU’s annual tech show (one from talking to the vendors and 1 as a door prize), a couple cool pens (one that can blow bubbles), a water bottle, a travel clock, some thing for my cell phone that is supposed to have games and ringers (I haven’t opened that yet), a leather portfolio, and now 4 football tickets. They ran out of shirts at yesterday’s event, but our sales rep felt bad and says she’s going to mail some to us. Tonight Jason sent me another thing on Sun’s website where they’re giving away free shirts if you update your information for them.

Anyway, last night I watched the 1st DVD from season 1 of 24. If you haven’t seen 24 I definitely suggest you start watching. I have missed the first 4 seasons, but i got hooked this season. So now I am trying to borrow the first four season’s worth of DVDs from friends so I can catch up. On episode 3 of season 1 I was surprised to see a homeless guy was using a Sun crate they use to ship high end servers as a wall of his “house.” Here’s a screen capture (click to make bigger):
Here’s a screen capture with the scene lightened up a bit:
It seems as though Sun is giving everything away these days. All of there software is free now, I’ve been given a ton of free stuff, and now they’re giving homeless guys houses. What a great company.

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