Today was primary election day in WV. It was also the first time my county was using electronic voting machines. I thought it was going to be much cooler than it ended up being.

Treah and I showed up to vote around 6:00pm this evening. We were 5th and 6th in line, not to bad. Then within a couple of minutes of each other all 3 voting machines ran out of paper. I thought, no problem one of the people working at the place would just add more paper and we’d be good to go. Nope, they had to call some one from the county court house to come in and do it. This meant that no one could vote until the people made it out there. When they showed up about 20 minutes later, they only brought 2 rolls of paper. So one of the machines was still down. By this time the line had started to form out the door.

There seems to be a few bugs in the process of getting everything working that the county needs to iron out before next time. Also, the number of machines at each precinct was not enough. In order to cover the cost of the machines the county consolidated the number of polling places. There were only 3 machines at my precinct. At my old precinct there were 4 or 5. So now there are fewer machines for more people to use. Doesn’t make much sense.

Once we were actually able to use the voting machines everything went smooth. I don’t think the process could have been much easier, just touch the name of the person you want to vote for and hit the big red glowing vote button.

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