Life update

It’s been quite some time since my last update. Here’s an overview as to what has been going on.

I finished up the spring semester. I finished the semester with an A in Artificial Intelligence and a B in Software Reliability Engineering. I guess that means my programs are smart but are flakey.

I flew from Morgantown, WV to Burlington, VT for a long weekend. I did this to go see my little brother graduate. He almost has an MBA from Clarkson University. He has 3 credits left that he is working on right now by touring Europe for 3 weeks. Sounds rough. It was pretty funny, they gave him a diploma holder when he walked across the stage. Most people had a diploma in the holder, his said something like “You’ll get your diploma when you finish.” His friends were calling it an IOU.

This flight home taught me a valuable lesson, NEVER fly USAir. On the trip up every flight was delayed by at least an hour. I barely caught my connection in Philadelphia. I was supposed to be in Burlington around midnight. It was after 1:30am when I got off of the plane. Then to top off the evening they lost my bags. I didn’t get my bags back again until 6:00pm the following evening. Coming back to Morgantown, I went to check in at Burlington and my flight home was canceled. I was able to reschedule for a flight leaving later that day but it was still a hassle. The last leg of my flight from Pittsburgh to Morgantown I was the only person on the plane other than the 2 pilots. It was like having a private jet. The only bad part was they took me first to Clarksburg, WV to pick people up. When we got to Clarksburg no one was there to be picked up. It seemed as though they should have called ahead. Luckily USAir doesn’t fly out of Morgantown anymore. This weekend it switched to Continental. I hope they do a better job.

I’ve been working pretty much nonstop on the student portal upgrade at work. A co-worker who was the lead person from my group on the project left the university. So it is now my project. Chris and I spent most of last week trying to get stuff to work and to get support to actually answer our questions with relevant information. Next week we are in advanced Solaris 10 training so Jason gets to have fun with the project in our absence. I’m actually at work right now. I have been since about 7:00am this morning, on a Sunday. It’s our yearly fire suppression testing. We have to test to make sure our fire systems work. As a result we have to come in and shut everything down, test the fire system, then power everything back up. We’re also doing a bunch of updates as getting an outage is rare around here. We’re scheduled to have everything back up by 6:00pm this evening. I hope we’re done before then. I know what you’re asking yourself. Why am I blogging and not working so I can go home early. Our storage system takes about an hour to boot. Until that comes up we can’t do anything else. So I’m killing time right now.

I start my summer course next week. I only have 3 credits (1 course) left to take this summer then I’ll have my Master’s in Software Engineering. The course is in something like personal software development. The syllabus looks like it will be a lot of programming projects. So that should be fun. I’d much rather write a program than write a paper.

I think that’s it. I’ll try to do a better job with keeping this up to date. Sorry about that.

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