Housing BOOM!

I came across this graph from the NY Times. An economist has adjusted the prices of homes back from 1890 to 2006 factoring out inflation. It’s amazing the growth in the housing market over the last few years. It is going to be a big problem when the market crashes. People probably won’t be able to pay off there mortgages when they sell there houses. Anyway, pictures speak louder than words. So here’s the graph.


Link to the article:

Huntington Community College

No real words to post. The image says it all.


SI Cover

WVU football is definitely getting the media’s attention this year. We’re even featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. A co-worker of mine says that he has been to about every where in Morgantown that sells the magazine and no one has it in stock. It would be a good one to have. Let’s just hope the curse of gracing the cover of SI doesn’t happen at WVU.

Here’s a picture of what the cover looks like:

Man of the Year

I can’t wait to see this Robin Williams movie. He plays the role of a fake news comedian that decides to run for president. Imagine John Stewart from the Daily Show running for president. It comes out October 13, 2006. Enjoy the preview:

Xbox Live Gamer Card

I thought this was cool. I can post my gamer card on my website. It auto updates when ever any of my info changes. So here it is:

As you can see I’m pretty mid range on the number of stars I have. I’ve only had my xbox 360 since June, and only have 2 games. I recently got a gold membership to xbox live so I can start playing other people online. The more I do this the more my stars will go up or down, depending on how well I do.

The number next to to G is called the Gamer score. It changes as I unlock achieve new goals in games. The more goals you achieve the higher your number. At the time of this posting I’m at a 730. Pretty mid range. But what do you expect with only having 2 games. Treah thinks it’s because I’m not 16 anymore and actually have to go to work and have a life outside of the xbox. I guess she’s got a point, but I think having more games would definitely help my score!

The bottom has icons of the last couple games I have played. You can click on the icons and it will tell you the achievements I have unlocked on each game. There are some games on there (Frogger, Galaga, Street Fighter, etc.) that I have only downloaded the demos. Demo games don’t allow you to unlock achievements.

I really want to change my image on my card. There are only a couple images that come preloaded with the xbox 360. I saw one on the xbox live market place with the flying WV. I haven’t decided if it’s worth paying $2-3, for a picture. You did get 3 pictures for that price though. One of the Flying WV, one of a WVU football helmet, and one of the mountaineer. Hopefully soon some one will figure out how to put on your own custom gamer pictures for free.

Sorry folks, I just realized that if you click on the gamer card it doesn’t show you any of my info unless you are logged in with my account info. I don’t plan on sharing that, so if you’re REALLY interested just ask and I can post what you’re looking for.

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