Xbox 360 Dead for Now

About 9 months ago I got an xbox 360. I use it for playing games and also for a DVD player. Last week I was swapping out dvd’s and it froze up. I rebooted it and got an error message on the screen. I thought maybe it was just over heated as it was in use for a couple hours in a closed space. I left it off for a couple hours and everything seemed to work again.

Fast forward to tonight. I got a new DVD in the mail from Blockbuster, went to play it and after about 2 minutes the xbox froze again. I knew it wasn’t a heat issue this time, as it had only been turned on for a couple of minutes. This time after rebooting I got 3 red lights. A quick google search brought me to to this Microsoft knowledge base article. I followed all of the recommended steps and nothing worked.

Finally, I decided to call Microsoft. After spending a few minutes trying to deal with there automated menu system I finally got fed up and asked for an operator. Once I got to a human, I explained my problem. He had me repeat a few of the steps I just told him I did. He was out of ideas. He said my only option was to mail my xbox to a repair center. He also said that since I was still in my warranty period I would only need to pay for shipping to them. They would pay for the cost of the repair, and return shipping.

The interesting thing is that he told me to only ship the xbox. He said to remove the face plate, the hard drive, and the power supply. I would think the hard drive and power supply could be a cause of some problems. Especially since 2 of the of troubleshooting steps deal with both of them.

So Monday I’ll be packing my Xbox up and shipping it out to Mcallen, TX. Hopefully, in 10 business days I’ll have a working Xbox 360 again.

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