Beilein’s Gone

All of the rumors turned out to be true. Coach Beilein is leaving WVU and heading to the University of Michigan. The exact details of his new contract haven’t been released yet. However, the rumor is that he’ll be making less money at Michigan than WVU offered him following the NIT championship ($1.3+ million per year). He must have really not wanted to be here anymore. It will be pretty insulting if that turns out to be true.

If by some chance Coach Beilein happens to read my blog (I doubt it), I’d like to leave him with the following:

Thanks for the last 5 years. WVU basketball has really been turned around. Thanks for:

  • Three 20+ win seasons
  • 2 NIT appearances, including 1 NIT championship
  • 2 NCAA appearances, including a spot in the elite and and a spot in the sweet 16
  • Making it to the Big East Tournament Championship game.
  • Actually winning a Big East Tournament game.
  • I’m sure there’s more that I’ll remember later.

That being said, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

Ever since you started winning and getting media attention you’ve been looking to leave. No one in there right mind believes you were “mowing your lawn” last off season. We all know you were at NC State negotiating a contract. If not for your large buy out clause you would have been NC state’s coach this season. Now a year later you do the same thing, except find a school willing to pay your $2.5 million buy out. It turns out that a “family trip” to Atlanta to watch the Final 4, was really an interview. Don’t treat fans like ignorant children, we can see past your fake commitment.

Hopefully Ann Arbor will bring you the happiness you couldn’t find in Morgantown. Some how I doubt it. If you thought you were at a football school at WVU, wait until you get to Michigan.

My only words of advice to Michigan fans is watch out. Syracuse’s Coach Boeheim is getting old and whinny. Coach B’s track record shows he doesn’t like to be any where longer than 5 or 6 years. He might just be looking else where before you know it.

Let’s move on Mountaineer fans. We have a Coaching spot to fill, and $2.5 million to spend on it thanks to Coach B and the University of Michigan. So Who will it be? Bobby Huggins? Jeff Neubauer? Some one else? I don’t care, just bring in some one who can win and is truly committed to being a Mountaineer.

Let’s Go Mountaineers!

April 2007
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