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Today I was looking up information for SpamAssassin. A google search brought me to Google Books. It is pretty cool. you search for a subject and it brings back all the books they have on it. Some of them have a limited preview of the book, others have the full text. Once you click on a book you just flip through the pages like you would on a normal book. You can also have google search the book for you.

Here’s the O’Reilly Spam Assassin Book.

Viva Las Vegas

Treah and I have spent the last week in Las Vegas. This was my second trip to the city, and I must say it is just as amazing as the 1st time. One reason Vegas is so fun is because you never know what you’re going to see around the next corner. Here’s a couple pictures Treah snapped that illustrate this nicely:

This was part of the sign for the New Frontier Hotel and Casino. They know what sells, sex and beer.


We were getting ready to leave the Venetian and I noticed what looked like Blue Men coming towards us on an escalator. We decided to walk that way. Sure enough, there were 3 Blue Men. However, they were made out of wax. The Venetian was using them to promote the Blue Man Group show. Treah and I have seen the Blue Man Group perform twice, once in New York City and once in Pittsburgh on one of there traveling shows.


We were walking through the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. I looked up and saw a guy with a tattoo on his face. Then it hit me, the man with that tattoo was Mike Tyson. Two things about Mike Tyson made me laugh. He travels with a body guard and he would only let women get there picture taken with him. It was kind of strange seeing him up close. The vibe I got from the crowd was that everyone was trying to keep him happy because no one wanted him to snap.

*** E D I T ***
While looking up a link for Mike, I found out something else about him. Mike has apparently been unable to leave the states of Arizona or California because of drug charges. However, on 5/24/07 (the day before we saw him) a judge gave him permission to leave the two states. I guess he didn’t waste anytime to go celebrate. You can read the article over at the USA Today website.

Also in the Forum Shops we saw Pete Rose. He was signing autographs in a sports memorabilia store. For $100 you could get your picture taken with him and an autographed baseball that said, “I’m sorry I bet on baseball. Pete Rose.” I thought this was funny and sad at the same time. We decided not to spend the $100 and to just take a picture of him when he was smiling for some one else.

In addition to all of this we went to most of the casinos on the strip and on Fremont. We gambled, ate a lot of good food, and saw a few shows (including LOVE). The trip was a blast. I can’t wait to go back. I’m sure Treah will be posting more pictures on her blog.

Flip Flop?

I think we all know Bush’s stance on setting a deadline in Iraq. If not here’s a recent quote:

“I believe artificial timetables of withdrawal would be a mistake. … I will strongly reject an artificial timetable withdrawal and/or Washington politicians trying to tell those who wear the uniform how to do their job.”
George W. Bush, 4/23/07.

Let’s rewind to 1999, when Dubya was criticizing President Clinton on Kosovo:

“Victory means exit strategy, and it’s important for the president to explain to us what the exit strategy is.”
George W. Bush, 4/9/99

“I think it’s also important for the president to lay out a timetable as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn.”
George W. Bush, 6/5/99.

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