New Scoreboard Video

I caught this on TV this weekend. I thought it did a good job showing off the new scoreboard.

Auburn Eve

This time tomorrow I’ll be at the WVU vs Auburn Football game. I honestly don’t know how it will turn out. Both teams have sub par offenses and great defenses. Both teams were ranked at the beginning of the season, and now neither are. WVU and Auburn have never played football against each other, so we can’t look at past performance.

My prediction is that if WVU’s offense can click the game won’t be close. If they don’t click, it will be a low scoring game and a defensive battle.

The game will also be a “Gold Rush.” This is where WVU tries to get everyone to wear gold. It does look impressive on TV. Here’s a screen grab some one on the bluegoldnews.com forums posted of last year’s Gold Rush. I’m going to try and get a HDTV screen grab of this year’s game.

Here’s hoping everything goes as planned tomorrow. After all, I did beat Auburn 84-0 on the PlayStation last week.

Almost Football Time

You know it’s almost football season when you start seeing things like this at the local grocery store.

Legend of Five

Man am I going to miss Pat at the end of this season.


WVU is having a free “e-cycling” event tomorrow. They’re only asking for 1 canned food item per item you bring in. I plan on taking full advantage of this event. I just got done loading up my jeep with all of my old computer and electronics. It only took me about 2 hours to do it. Here’s the end result:

I don’t think the picture does it justice so here’s a list of what I got rid of:

  • 9 desktop pc’s
  • 3 CRT monitors
  • 3 Printers
  • 2 Stereos
  • 5 Keyboards
  • 2 Sets of computer speakers
  • 2 Pairs of stereo speakers

Now I just have to find room to put 26 cans of food.

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