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The 2006 mid term elections are finally over. I’m happy to see that the Democrats have taken back power. Bush is now effectively a lame duck. It’s about time we got back to the system of checks and balances.

I thought it was interesting to see Bernie Sanders from VT win a seat in the Senate. He ran as an independent, but calls himself a socialist. We’ll see how he does in Washington.

I was glad to see some of the races here in WV turned out the way I had hoped. It seems that coal baron Don Blankenship had the opposite effect on the people he backed. Most were not elected into office. In my county Cindy Frich was the incumbent and lost her seat, the other 3 candidates he was pushing lost as well. Way to go Don, WV isn’t for sale!

Perhaps the biggest and arguably the most important race for WV was the US Senate race between Robert Byrd and John Raese. Byrd won again. This makes his 47th year in the US Senate. He will be 95 years old at the end of his new term. Here’s what John Stewart had to say about the WV senate race on Tuesday’s Daily Show:

That’s it folks. It’s time to start taking down all of the election signs and time to quit showing election TV commercials. We’ll be at it again before you know it when the Democrats take power in the White House in 2008.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!

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