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It’s that time of year every college student hates. It’s finals week. I’m dubbing this one Finals Week XVIII, as it is my 18th finals week I have gone through at WVU. I think this is my hardest one since being a graduate student. I wouldn’t say that the work is that hard, just the volume of work is a lot. I had a research paper due Friday, a final due Monday, and another final due Wednesday. I’m only registered in 2 classes. Yes, that makes 1 class giving me a final project and a final in less than a week. Great planning on the professor’s part. I think that also puts him in violation of WVU’s dead week policy.

Assuming all goes well this week, I’ll only have 3 credits left to take in the summer and I’ll be done. It will be the first time I will only be enrolled in 1 class. Even in the summer sessions I took 2 classes at a time.

Actually, I’m wrong about that. I just remembered that in the summer between my Junior and Senior years of high school I took an economics course. This was to catch up from moving from into a new school district between my Freshman and Sophomore years. If I remember right I could have taken the course my senior year but I wouldn’t have been able to have taken senior study hall. Senior study hall was an important thing at Spartanburg High School, so I wasn’t going to miss that. Just imagine a room with couches, TV’s, a ping pong table, a laminated hall pass that gave you free reign of the school, and best of all NO teacher supervision.

So this will be my first time, other than that time, that I’ll have only been enrolled in 1 course.

I’ll be glad when Wednesday evening rolls around. Things will definitely get easier, and after August the Internet can be happy that there won’t be anymore posts with me complaining about school.

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