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I have had a Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote for about 2 years now. Nothing beats being able to push a single button and have the remote turn on the tv, put it on the right input, change the stereo settings, and power on the appropriate component. This feature alone might have saved my marriage, not to mention not having to keep track of 5 or 6 remotes.

This being said, the construction of the remote leaves much to be desired. I’m on my second remote. I had to RMA the first, luckily it was under warranty. The replacement remote I was sent is now out of warranty. Since going off warranty this remote has had several problems.

The first problem was that the remote would no longer charge. It turned out that the battery wasn’t keeping a good connection. This was a relatively easy fix. I just had to clean the contacts, and wedge a folded up business card between the battery and the edge of the battery compartment.

The second problem developed over the course of several months. The channel up and volume up buttons eventually stopped working. At first I just had to push the buttons extra hard and they would work. It got to the point that it felt like i was going to break something if i pushed any harder, and the remote never did anything.

I did some research and it turns out that this is a common problem with my model remote. The problem is that due to some bad design, eventually the buttons stop making contact with the contacts. Several people had luck with putting a small amount of epoxy on the remote contacts. This causes the contacts to be taller, and the button to again make a connection.

I thought I’d give it a shot. Here’s some pictures from along the way.

The remote comes apart in two pieces. There are only 2 screws, one in the battery compartment, and one below the IR port plastic. Once you have these screws lose, you have 8 clips to deal with, 4 on each side.

Here’s what the 2 halves look like:


The next step was to get the epoxy ready. I got some from lowes that required mixing. Here is what it looked like



Mixed epoxy:

Next I used a tooth pick to put small amounts of the mixed epoxy on the remote contacts. You can see the white blobs on the 4 round contacts in the corners of this picture.

I let the epoxy dry for 24 hours. After it dried the epoxy was rock hard and stuck the to contacts. All that was left was to put the remote back together. I’m glad to report that my remote still works. Not only that, but the epoxy seems to have done it’s job. The channel up and volume up buttons now work again!

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  1. Johnny Angell:

    Justin, you posted your fix for the logitech 880 volume buttons back in 2008. How is the fix holding up? My 880 is giving me the same problem.

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