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When I was watching the WVU vs ECU football game last weekend, I thought it was kind of weird that there was a guy in the end zone the hugged Reynaud after his touchdown. Treah and I laughed about it, but didn’t think much more about it.

Tonight I came across a post on the blue gold news messageboard that was started by the guy that got the hug. He gives a great description as to what happened.

It was me…eermaninNC. I know your wondering how I got on the field in the first place. Well that little secret I will take to my grave. But I will say this. If you guys are as die hard as I am…you would have done the same!!! I spent the whole game on the field after gaining “access” to the sideline. I had no press pass, no photo pass, no “all access” pass, no bench pass. NO NOTHING. Just good ‘ole fashion ingenuity!!! Now…about the hug.I probably hit Reynaud harder than any ECU player did all day. I could tell once he got to about the 20 yard line, he was probably locked in at the “fat guy” in the yellow shirt in the corner of the end zone. At the point, I just waved him in as if he was landing on a runway. As he got closer, I started to realize he probably wasnt going to stop before he got to me. At the point, The wheels in my head started turning as to how I was going to get out of the way. I figured, since I had already called my brother, my wife, and my parents to look for me in the corner of the end zone, I might as well prove to them all, that I really was there. Hey…one shot, national TV, what the heck. Make a spectacle of yourself and see what happens. Just good old fashion fun and excitement!! That’s the best part of being a mountaineer fan huh? Well as it goes, I shook Rich Rod’s hand as he left the field, and wished him luck. I even was asked by a NC state trooper if I was with the traveling party. When I responded that I was ( which wasn’t a total lie….I did travel to a party) he asked me if a small kid could have a NIKE receivers glove that had been left on the sideline. I told him “no problem”. At that point, I figured I better head back to the “Southern Fried Tailgate” and take the ribbing from the guys over there that were watching on TV. My wife told me TV did nothing for my figure ( I am 6’0 – 265). She also told me I am a sick human who is eat up with stupidity. I told her “good night dear”, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

For those of you who missed the game, here’s a video of the touchdown.

P.S. Man do I love YouTube.com

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