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I thought this was cool. I can post my gamer card on my website. It auto updates when ever any of my info changes. So here it is:

As you can see I’m pretty mid range on the number of stars I have. I’ve only had my xbox 360 since June, and only have 2 games. I recently got a gold membership to xbox live so I can start playing other people online. The more I do this the more my stars will go up or down, depending on how well I do.

The number next to to G is called the Gamer score. It changes as I unlock achieve new goals in games. The more goals you achieve the higher your number. At the time of this posting I’m at a 730. Pretty mid range. But what do you expect with only having 2 games. Treah thinks it’s because I’m not 16 anymore and actually have to go to work and have a life outside of the xbox. I guess she’s got a point, but I think having more games would definitely help my score!

The bottom has icons of the last couple games I have played. You can click on the icons and it will tell you the achievements I have unlocked on each game. There are some games on there (Frogger, Galaga, Street Fighter, etc.) that I have only downloaded the demos. Demo games don’t allow you to unlock achievements.

I really want to change my image on my card. There are only a couple images that come preloaded with the xbox 360. I saw one on the xbox live market place with the flying WV. I haven’t decided if it’s worth paying $2-3, for a picture. You did get 3 pictures for that price though. One of the Flying WV, one of a WVU football helmet, and one of the mountaineer. Hopefully soon some one will figure out how to put on your own custom gamer pictures for free.

Sorry folks, I just realized that if you click on the gamer card it doesn’t show you any of my info unless you are logged in with my account info. I don’t plan on sharing that, so if you’re REALLY interested just ask and I can post what you’re looking for.

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